Prestige Care

Prestige Care is an insurance policy that covers you for plumbing, heating and drainage repairs, annual boiler service, gas safety certificate, labour costs and 24-hour call-out for any plumbing, heating, drainage or boiler faults. It also includes the supply of all parts.

Plumbing Cover

  • Repairs to bathroom and kitchen taps
  • Repairs to toilets
  • Repairs to leaks from any sanitary products and kitchen sinks
  • Internal waste pipe blockages
  • Repairs to showers
  • Leaking hot or cold water supply pipes
  • Repair or replacement of isolation valves
  • Repairs to cold water storage tanks.
  • Supply of parts and materials above £50 in value
  • Repairs to shower pumps

Boiler & heating Cover

  • All call-outs (Unlimited)
  • Full annual boiler and system service
  • Annual gas safety check (done at same time as the boiler service). There is a maximum of 2 appliances per policy, with extra appliances charged at £35+VAT.
  • All labour on any boiler or central heating repairs, including boilers, boiler flues, boiler and heating controls, tanks, motorised valves, pumps, radiators, radiator valves, heating filters, hot water controls and hot water cylinders
  • All diagnostic visits
  • All heating and boiler-related pipework, including leaks and damaged pipes
  • All makes and ages of boiler (natural gas only systems.)
  • 24-hour call-out (excess fee charge of £35+VAT for attendances between 10 pm and 6 am, all other labour included)
  • No excess call-out charges on calls between 6 am and 10 pm.
  • Up to £400 discount on new boilers. This discount only applies if the boiler is supplied and installed by Prestige Plumbers.
  • 50% discounts on system powerflushing for faults caused by sludge or debris
  • Parts up to the value of £250 per policy period (any costs above this amount must be covered by the policy holder)
  • Any call-outs or issues with the boiler, heating system or controls within the first 14 days from the activation of your service plan policy. There is a one-off fee of £90+VAT (£108) applicable to any such call-out or system issue.
  • The supply of any parts required for a repair on your boiler or its associated system above a claim value total of £250 per policy term. You will have to pay for any costs above £250 for parts required for a repair, you will not have to pay for the call-out or labour to diagnose, repair or install any required parts. You will benefit from our trade price discount on all parts and materials if required.
  • Any labour or call-out time for components or controls damaged by the misuse, negligence of the customer or any third-party or another tradesman or trade company that works on the appliance while the customer is on this cover.
  • Any labour required for failed parts due to sludge or debris in the system causing damage to the boiler, system or components. (You will qualify for a 50% discount on any required powerflushing works if carried out by Prestige Plumbers).
  • Any boiler or system that has not been installed to current Gas Safe, Building, Manufacturers’ legislation and guidelines. Any non-compliance issues will be advised on the initial service visit if appropriate.
  • Any faults pre-existing to the initial boiler service taking place. Any pre-existing faults will have to be repaired on a chargeable basis by either Prestige Plumbers or another company that the customer may wish to appoint. Once completed with evidential paperwork, the Prestige Plumbers Boiler Care policy can start.
  • Household plumbing installation, taps, sanitary products, appliances such as electric showers or shower pumps, inlet cold water main or inlet gas main.
  • Any pipework concealed in walls or under floorboards or in concrete walls or floors or behind units. The actual repair of such pipes is only covered once the customer has exposed the leak or fault themselves.
  • Drainage and waste pipes
  • Installation or replacement labour for new boiler or boiler swaps, system upgrades or if the boiler or system is condemned for safety reasons or deemed beyond economical repair. A discount will be available for new boilers or systems of £400, if supplied and installed by Prestige Plumbers.
  • Under-floor heating and its associated controls.

Additional information

Prestige Care is active on a 24-hour basis. All reported faults or breakdowns will be attended within:

  • 48 hours of the first point of contact for non-emergency issues.
  • 24 hours for vulnerable customers with no hot water or heating.
  • 2 hours for any uncontrollable water leaks

Suspected gas leaks should be reported immediately to the gas emergency services by calling 0800 111 999.

Prestige Care provides for unlimited amounts of call-outs and labour repairs as well as an annual boiler check. Each policy term has a maximum cover amount of £250. Anything above this value is payable by the customer.

To report any faults or issues, or to make a claim, you must call 0800 689 4258 or email

The cost of cover

The annual cost of Prestige  Care cover is £250. (inclusive of VAT).

Please note: 

If any faults or issues are found or reported to the customer on an initial service , it may stop any cover starting until rectified. 

If the customer refuses the policy after the initial service has been completed, then a report fee of £50+VAT will be payable. 

This will be refunded if the remedial works are completed, and the customer agrees to the policy within 30 days of the initial service.

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